FAQ: What is Voluntaryism?

Voluntaryism is the philosophy that all human interaction should be voluntary. Thus, the initiation of force is evil and morally condemned. It is also believed that ostracism is a strong enough means to punish bad human behavior. In a Voluntaryist world one does not have the right to coerce others’ help in form of water,…

World Peace Through Non-Aggression: FAQ.

Making a World of Voluntary Interaction by Applying ONE RULE: THE NON-AGGRESSION-PRINCIPLE     Then all human interaction will be voluntary.  But the starving man fallacy? A starving man, in need of food and shelter once had parents, once was part of a community, once had a wife or children, once had a friend, once had work, once…

The Initiation of Force is Not Needed

If force is needed to get what you want you’re either a bad negotiator, or you make absurd claims, or the other person is insane. If he or she is insane, then ostracism from the community is a valid means to sanction his behavior. The initiation of force is not needed.

Trust Who Can’t be Trusted?

In a system based on coercion, how do we know if we are worthy of trust or if humanity needs to submit to a greater power which can’t be trusted.

Hidden Costs: State VS Market

What is more costly, having everyone rely on the state to solve market problems, or having partly failing markets?